The End of the Week

Well, it is the end of the week, and I think I can speak for the rest of the team when I say that going home is bitter-sweet. Jesus did some amazing things through us this week. But he also did some amazing things in us. Many of us are coming back changed people. We cannot wait to share with you, our church family, what the Lord did!

This afternoon, we will be boarding a plane to head back home. Please pray for us today as we travel.

Below is our last post of our time ministering here. We pray that reading this blog has been encouraging to your faith and we thank you for your intercessions before the Father on our behalf!

DAY 5-6 (last day on site & travel day)

Thursday afternoon we were hanging with the 7th graders at the school in La Union. It was really cool because it’s a rare opportunity to be able to preach the gospel in schools because back in the USA parents would be tripin’ if we tried to do that. But it was awesome because from bible study to recreation to music to crafts we were extending the gospel to these kids. If you add up all the days we were able to spend in the school, nearly 800 people heard the gospel and 735 kids were taught the sinners prayer. It was such a rush, I felt like I was living out the Christian dream. And even though it began to rain and storm we still kept going. It was so boss. The morning was even more amazing because we were doing grass roots door-to-door evangelism, extending the kingdom of heaven. Even though yesterday my group only got to two houses they were both so rich. And to be honest, the prayer was so intense it took it out of me. At the first house, we prayed for an elderly woman, her brother, and mother who all had great needs from healing to guidance and we just got down on our knees together and prayed… praise God!! Then at the second house, the family was going through a very rough time in their lives and once again we just prayed and lifted it up to God and said if its your will fix it, if not well then we still praise you! Then later that night we went to the service at their church, which was kinda like a goodbye service, and the pastor preached and Larry sang. Then the pastor sang too, it was awesome! But then at the end they called us to the front and the entire church came up and hugged each of us individually. (I think Tina cried more than it rained… lol.)

Then Friday, we woke up and it was relieving to know we were going home, yet sad because none of us were ready to leave the village or even our translators because they were all so awesome. But we had some extra time there because the credit card wasn’t working so we got to stay another two hours… haha. Then on the ride home we did some hard-core fellowshipin’ and then arrived in Guatamala City and had to say goodbye to our translators, Larry and Sarah, and Jenna (aka Jina aka Flip-flop). This was really sad because we all had really bonded living together and all but I guess, that’s what facebook is for! Epic win! After a really good dinner in the city, we spent the rest of the time having a team devotional and sharing where God is leading us to go after this. It was pretty amazing to say the least. And tomorrow we’ll be heading out, Praise God for giving us this opportunity!! Got em’!!

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