Day #3

Early rise this morning to a wonderful breakfast of scrambled eggs and BEANS!!!! Why beans when we are all together in a van ride for an hour and a half?!!! PEE-UUU!

Headed to a new village today about 15 mins from yesterday’s village. Set up like champs today because of yesterday’s trial and error. The people started coming right away mostly women and children. Most complaints are of neck and back hurting for the women because of their hardwork they do all day long. Everything is far away here for them especially the water where they walk 30 mins to fetch the water and walk back up the steep dirt rocky road with jugs on their heads. All ages of women doing this task.

Lots of teeth were pulled today for the people who didn’t have many teeth to begin with. The doctors were awesome taking care of them and the patients never moaned or complained. Well at least not today tomorrow is another day right?

The children never left are sides today. Their laughs just makes you smile ear to ear. They just break your heart seeing them without shoes and dirty clothes and their eyes of hunger for food. Taking a break today to fix lunch in front of those children was the hardest.

As we walked and prayed for this people group Pastor Victoriano told us of the spirtual warfare going on there. SO ALL PRAYER PARTNERS WE NEED YOU TO BE PRAYING FOR THESE PEOPLE TO KNOW THE TRUTH OF JESUS AND FOR MORE WORKERS!

The Guatemala church told the people about God before seeing any doctors today. We got to witness several coming to know HIM..we were all praising HIM all the day long!

We are going to share some photos tomorrow of the last few days and what made us laugh: (A dog name “lucky”) look closely at the dogs eyes!! The children were laughing along with us. Dr. Hook working his hardest at his dance moves! Then the children of the village.

So please keep us and the villages in PRAYER as we go again tomorrow and love on these wonderful people God has made in HIS image.

Special Message for Patsy: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Love Preston

One thought on “Day #3

  1. Praise God for all you all are doing in His name. Enjoy the time together sharing to good news and Gods love. And a little medicine too. Prayers are with you.

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