Day #4

We just finished the devotional, which was wonderfully done by Dana, and it was about love(haha valentines day). We read from 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 and then read 1 John 4:8. If you read these two together it is the perfect picture of what we did today and a perfect picture of the gospel.

Today we began across the street from where we were yesterday. It was a grassy hill shaded by an assortment of trees. We borrowed tables and chairs from the surrounding area to set up a make-shift clinic. As the people began to arrive, traveling from places that were up to 3 hours away by foot, it began to remind me of the sermon on the mount. These people had come sick and in need of healing and the people that came to hear Jesus did as well. But unfortunately our medicine fell very short of the medicine that Jesus offered, one that would heal you for good and would never go dry, called the living water.

As the day went on we began to meet many people who’s illness went much deeper than a minor headache or tooth ache. We meet people who suffered from an illness that has plagued the human race for as far back as Genesis 3. Luckily we were prepared and prompted by the Holy Spirit, one by one we were able to have deep conversations with the
people about how we suffered from this illness refered to as sin too but now had been rescued and saved from the punishment for sin which is death. Glory to God for his name has been proclaimed to these people.

Back to the scripture in 1 Corinthians and how it relates so well to our day. If you read the first three verses and replace the word love with God as it says in 1 John, you can see what I mean. It speaks of all these amazing things and all these good acts done but without God, without Christ it is all in vain. So that is why when you look at this trip and as we look back on it as well when we are done, we must remember that allthough the medicine will heal the pain, without Love, without God, without Christ it is all in vain.

Today was not in vain.

Austin Hughes

“Everything is to the Glory of God”

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