Day #5

Yesterday was our busiest day yet also the hottest. We traveled the farthest to the village of El Linor, 2&1/2 hours away, about 15 miles from Honduras. Twice we got stuck on the rocks driving up the mountain and had to stop and while the men pushed, the women walked.

When we finally arriived, there was a line of people waiting. The doctors saw 200 patients and the pharmacists filled 320 scripts. (Austin and Liz, what would we have done without you!)

The Chorti Maya Indigenous people were such a blessing and so desparate to hear the gospel. They were the most reserved and pretty much illiterate but appreciative. What a priviledge it was to be the first IBM team ever to share the gospel among these people.

The highlight of our day is when we meet together after dinner to share the day, sing, and have someone give a devotional. Some of the Nationals joined us and also share their testimony and their love of the Lord. This group has bonded extremely well and seem to be in one accord when it comes to the importance of telling the people here in Guatemala about Jesus.

2 thoughts on “Day #5

  1. It has blessed me to pray for you daily and to read daily your blog about Serving Together. May God bless your efforts and give you traveling mercies.
    Love and prayers, Georgia

  2. I am so excited for you.
    Look forward to hearing all about everything.
    thank you for serving the Lord in such a wonderful way. May they all see Jesus in you.

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