College India Team: Day 1

Well, today was our first full day in India. We’re spending our first couple days in the capital city, and it is HOT! We spent most of the day visiting a few places around the city. It was nice to catch a breeze whenever we squeezed into a couple auto-rickshaws or, in one case, when all 7 of us got in one taxi. We visited a Baah’ai temple and we could all feel a sense of darkness and oppression that was Satan’s hold on the hearts of those around us. Inside the temple was a place of silent prayer and reflection and the team took that time to pray against false idols. We were reminded of Isaiah 44, which speaks of the foolishness in creating idols from materials God has given us for good things. It also spoke to the ways we often do this in our own lives. After the temple, we met with a couple who are doing good work here on the field. It was encouraging to hear their thoughts and prayers for the area and to make new connections here. After a very full day, we had some time together at our hotel and now we are preparing for a good night’s rest!

As we go out, we ask that you pray for unity in the group, so that we can focus on furthering the kingdom. Also that He would open the eyes and the minds of the people here so that they will actually hear the message of the Good News.


3 thoughts on “College India Team: Day 1

  1. Praying for unity and receptive hearts. Thank you for your willingness to serve our Lord in this way.

  2. Hey y’all are doing a good thing. 🙂 Hope everyone is doing well and that you are successful! Have a safe trip.
    THANK YOU!!!
    Kirkland Seabrook

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