Third World M

Third World M

Sorry for the lack of pictures so far friends.  Without wifi we can’t upload them for now, but we will surely find a way soon enough.

Last night Wesley and I went out with our brother MP.  For the past week we have accompanied him and the ladies of our team to both share with and train national women.  He asked if we would like to go with him to meet with men, so of course we went with him.

We sat in the home of a man who looked exactly like my uncle Jimmy, but with darker skin and less hair.  We all stared at each other, smiled, nodded, and drank our Chai to the health of a language barrier.  When MP arrived and the group had gathered we were able to share the need for sharing the Gospel and practically how to do it.  Neither of us knew we would be teaching, so the entire night was Spirit-led and by no means a product of either of us.  It was beautiful.

After we finished teaching and asking questions we were asked to pray healing over the man who resembles my Uncle.  We didn’t assume that we would be thrust into the role of leader so soon, being asked to lead meetings and pray healing over people, but none of this is a product of ourselves anyway.

We followed our partners and a few other men into a small house nearby.  The one room suddenly flooded with people wanting prayer and to hear our stories.  Two men even carried in a man with paralyzed legs wanting to be healed! (At least they didn’t have to cut a hole in the roof).  The pastor we were with began to make his way around the room, greeting and praying for all who asked.  He asked that we support him in English as he prayed for the paralyzed man in Hindi.  As we prayed the room was in an uproar of prayer. After a continued time of prayer Wesley shared his story, and many more people wanted prayer or wanted to share.  MP simply divided us up and prompted us to get to it.

We all finally made our way out into the night air.  MP told us that village is controlled by, “Gangster types,” but he is not concerned with men who want to physically harm him.  We praised God together, and praised the Lord for how He works through MP, who would give two college kids such a serious role in his ministry because he trusts that God will be glorified no matter what.

As we waited for the Lift to take us back up the mountain and made our way towards dinner with the rest of team, we were able to share all that the Lord had done, and begged Him to empower us that we might be a light in this dark place.

In several days we will part ways with two teammates and make our way to another village.  Please pray for safety and discernment in travel, and that we would trust that the Lord will empower us to do everything he has called us to.


One thought on “Third World M

  1. Praise be to God.
    It is so special that you are there. Thank you for being oobedient. He holds you in his hands.
    I continue to pray for each of you.
    “fear not !”. He walks right beside you.

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