Pictures over the past week (from Liz & Meg)!

This is one of our national brothers and his family. We were blessed to work with him a lot last week.


We spent some time with this family of believers. Please pray for the woman standing beside Liz. She is a friend of the family who needs Jesus. We had an opportunity to share with her. She seemed interested but has not yet made a decision to follow Jesus.


The two younger girls are the only believers in their family. We are praying for their mom to also come to faith and for the rest of their family. The girls kept saying, “We are praying that by the time you come back, our entire family will know Jesus.” Praise God for their faith!! Pray with us for this family.

Pray for this family of believers.
MOOCH OF THE WEEK (aka Mustache) (aka Beautiful)
We decided to start awarding a “Mustache of the Week” to various men we found with great facial hair. “Mooch” is how you say “Mustache” in Hindi. This man’s mooch was seriously a-mazing. We had to snag a shot.



This picture is just for fun! And it’s one check off of Liz’s bucket-list!

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