Two Prayer Meetings- College Team

This week I was allowed to be a part of two very different prayer meetings, both of which were new experiences for me. 

Wednesday was the one year death anniversary of the mother of one of our local partners whom we have worked with the most to this point, Uncle A.  He has not only put us to work, but has been a guide in the culture and quick to share the wisdom the Lord has given him.  In Indian culture the one year death anniversary is the end of the mourning phase, so it is very much a big deal.  A prayer meeting was held at Uncle’s church, to praise God for the life of his mother.  Uncle’s father led the service, and with tear filled eyes he prayed and cried alongside of forty other Indian believers. It was a beautiful experience, and something I have never been a part of before.  The Lord continues to show me that His kingdom is not bound by language or culture, and that He will be worshiped in every tongue in Spirit and in Truth.  During the entire service there might have been three whole sentences spoken in English, but I was allowed to worship and pray alongside of my family, for transformed hearts and the Gospel to continue to go forth from this city.  

   “I looked for you, and found you in the nail-scarred hands of Christ”

     After the meeting, I was making my way back to where the rest of the team was staying with two nationals.  We missed the last bus out and had to flag somebody down and negotiate a price to get where we needed to go.  On the way back one of the nationals, Uncle A’s nephew, told us that he is ready to follow Jesus now!  It was such a blessing to see the Lord work, even amongst the nationals who might as well have been on our team for the last two weeks!

The next morning we packed up and made our way to a village a few hours away with Uncle and a national brother whose story we’ll hopefully get to share soon.  That brother is from this village and since meeting Jesus has been working there.  We came to teach these new believers about baptism and encourage them in their faith.  Our brother’s vision for these two couples is that they would be raised up as leaders in their village, spreading the Gospel around and trough their homes, and eventually leading a house fellowship, so he can continue sharing in the surrounding mountains.  The Lord has given this brother a very clear vision and strategy to train up disciple-making believers.  SO rad!

Due to security reasons and the size of the, our whole team could not go to the village.  Thursday, we  got to our Guest House, dropped bags, then Uncle, the national brother, and Wesley were prayed over and headed out while the four of us stayed back to support them in prayer.  Uncle had discussed this strategy with us before:  A group remains back but close by, continually in prayer for the people on the field, binding Satan in prayer, encouraging those who are out, and praying as the Spirit leads.  We put this new strategy into practice.  I had never done anything like that before.  Going to a place with the purpose of praying over a team in a village and the village they were in.  I don’t quite have words for it yet, but the Lord drew us into His presence, into a private place of prayer, and directed us where to go from there.  This whole trip, every word in prayer or EV spoken is all the Lord’s, it always has been and always will be.  Wesley is working on a post about his day now, check it out. 

The next day Wesley, Hannah, Uncle, national brother, and I all went back to that village.  We worshiped and prayed with the two couples, walked to the river and by God’s grace baptized four believers, took Communion with Roti and water, prayed over them, then made our way back to the Guest House and to catch a bus.  Catch us stateside and ask to see those pictures.  

  Know that the Lord is at work amongst us, by His Grace working through us, and revealing Himself to us in wonderful ways. Please support us in prayer as we move to a new area at the beginning of the week.  It’s almost our halfway point for the summer, so pray endurance, encouragement, and love for each other. Your support through prayer means more than we can ever communicate. 


      “This is the purpose that is purposed
        concerning the whole earth,
    and this is the hand that is stretched out
        over all the nations.
    For the LORD of hosts has purposed,
        and who will annul it?
    His hand is stretched out,
        and who will turn it back?”
(Isaiah 14:26-27 ESV)


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