More Missions=Awesome – A Team In Columbia, SC too!

Send Columbia – High School Mission Trip – June 10-15, 2012
Hello missions blog-followers!  I feel like I should say “We interrupt your regularly scheduled India blog reading for this special announcement.”  What you may not have known is that approximately 7894 miles away from our India team is our church’s Send Columbia High School mission team in Columbia, SC.  For the Send Columbia team the travel time was considerably less (probably 18ish hours), the group dynamic is somewhat different (42 HS students, 8 adults, & 2 children), the sites are different (inner-city kids, elderly & disabled, & homeless) and our accommodations are more modern (we have toilets, ha ha)…BUT the mission is the same and that is to serve others and share the Good News of Jesus Christ with those we encounter throughout the week.

Its Tuesday morning and we have put in one day on site and the students have done great.  We are serving until Friday on the three sites mentioned above and we are excited to see God work in and through the students.  Also, today & Thursday our students will be participating in servant evangelism projects like blessing people in retail (with flowers & candy), giving out freezy pops downtown, and taking prayer requests in a local mall.  All of these are simple ways to show the love of Jesus and hopefully open up a conversation with people.  We have also have worship gatherings at night at Midtown Columbia with preaching from Jonah with Rev. Dustin Willis (NAMB) and music with Jay Hendricks (of Midtown) It is going to be a full day…a full week I should say, so please pray for us!

Please pray for us this week:
– That we would lean on Jesus as ordinary people for his strength, words, and more (because we’re ordinary people – Acts 4:13)
– For opportunities to share the Gospel with people.
– Unity and a sense of family in our group.
– For students on our trip who don’t know Christ.
– The leaders…for energy, wisdom, discernment and leadership.
– A shift in the way our students view the world…ask God to help them ‘be on mission’ with their lives.

Thanks for the love and prayers!  Lord-willing we’ll fill you in with some stories by the end of the week, since this is an overview of the trip.
Blessings in Christ,
Paul, Eric & The FirstWave Team

Homeless Team under the leadership of Peter & Heather
Kids Ministry Site with Paul, Jess & Morgan leading (right!)
Elderly & Disabled Ministry Team with Eric, Blair, & Austin as Leaders

One thought on “More Missions=Awesome – A Team In Columbia, SC too!

  1. Looks like you guys are having a great time! Praying for REMARKABLE things to happen this week!! So proud of my girls and their awesome friends

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