June India Team

Hello all,

I just wanted to give a quick update on our June Team. First of all, we apologize for not posting more blogs. We have gone non-stop for the past 1o days. We are exhausted but so encouraged by the work that Jesus is doing here. Thank you for continuing to be faithful in prayer for our team. We’ve felt your prayers and thank you for standing in battle with us against the enemy.

Praise the Lord we’ve completed the trainings we’d planned in 3 of the cities of Northern India. With the help our national partner, M.H., we were able to train over 140 men and women with reproducible tools to strategically reach the lost in this dark region of the world. These men and women included pastors & their wives, elders from some of the house churches, and other lay leaders who are passionate about seeing Jesus worshiped and churches planted.

We’ve been so encouraged to see how much these national brothers and sisters love the Lord, to hear and see sound-theology practiced, and to hear the miraculous stories of how many of them came to faith.

One sister shared about how her family came to Jesus. She and her family came from a Hindu background and often practiced black magic. A few years ago some workers came to their home and gave them a tract that explained about Jesus. Not thinking much of it, the family tossed the tract aside. However, not long after, one of the daughters in the family became very sick and the doctors said she would die. The family prayed fervently to the Hindu gods and performed black magic in attempts to cry out for healing. This didn’t work and she died. The family then remembered the tract and read it. They read about how Jesus has power over death. The father of the family cried out to Jesus begging him to bring his daughter back to life if He truly was real. Praise God, the daughter came back from the dead! She had been dead for 3 hrs. The doctors were stunned and began asking how it happened. The family told the doctors, “It wasn’t by the power of Hindu gods, or black magic… it was by the power of Jesus!” Praise God, that day, the family believed, repented, and turned to Christ! Glory to God!!

These kind of stories are very common here. It has been such a blessing to be able to hear these stories first-hand. We are excited to share more of these stories with you when we come home. Please continue to pray for us. Even though we are finished with our trainings, we are still looking for opportunities to share with those who have never heard.

Praise be to God!!

Liz (for the June India Team)

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