Update on our National Partners in India


Emmanuel, our national partner in India, sent me an email this morning sharing some exciting news! One of our partner churches in Himachal Pradesh is about to open an orphanage inside of their church to care for 12 children (some of these have no parents and others are semi-orphaned). Praise the Lord for this sister church! They are stepping out in faith, seeking to obey the Lord’s command to care for widows and orphans (James 1:27).

Though Emmanuel and Mission Himalaya are primarily about church planting, their churches are “being the Church” and caring for those that are lost & hurting. Please pray for these little ones to come to know the good & true Father!

Also pray for the new church planters the Lord has raised up! Several have just committed to serve the Lord in a pioneer field (a city/village that has no known believers). Pray for the perseverance of these dear brothers & sisters and for the work of God to advance!

**Above, I’ve included a picture of Emmanuel and his precious family. His wife, Sony, is pregnant with their son! She is due September 28th! Please pray for her pregnancy and their new little one that’s still being formed. 


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