Fotos … that’s “photo” in Spanish!

Hola amigos! Hey friends! We’re so glad that you’re back home praying for us and following our trip. Tonight I want to share with you some pictures of where we went yesterday as we explored our partnership with two national churches in efforts to reach two villages: Chanco and Corral de Piedras. You can join us in praying for these people, places, and our future endeavors as we seek to share the gospel and plant a church!

Pastor Rolando’s church in Zacapa, Guatemala
Worship Team at Pastor Rolando's Church
Worship Team at Pastor Rolando’s Church
Pastor Fido Preaching
This lady is Alicia’s aunt and is sick with breast cancer. Alicia and her family have been praying for her to recieve, not only physical healing, but spiritual healing through acceptace of the gospel. We were able to share with her a story from the Bible (the lady that was healed by her faith in touching the garment of Jesus) and explained the gospel to her. Please join us in praying!
Two ladies in Chanco that we were able to pray with through connections with our friend Alicia. They were very welcoming and kept a very clean house. We were encouraged by their hospitality and are hoping to continue to build good relationships with people just like these!
Liz & Dr. Hook were able to share their personal testimony at a local school. Then we gave all of the children some candy, a cross shaped silly band bracelet, a sticker that says “Cristo te ama!”, and a booklet that tells the story of the bible from creation to Christ! Praise God for the chance to share with so many kids!
Sweet faces!
Classroom full of children showing us the cross shaped silly band bracelets we gave them!
It’s hard to tell, but these people groups live in the mountains … up steep roads and sometimes, literally, on the side of a mountain. Here is a man riding a mule on the way up.
Another picture of the terrain – beautiful mountain views and gorgeous vegetation this time of year!
Corn field growing on the side of a mountain. “The harvest is pletiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his field.” Luke 10:2
While we were visiting with one of the two families above, a man offered for Dr. Hook to take a seat. Appropriately he was under the toothbrushes!
Kristen and Alicia at lunch
Alicia and her sweet family! the man in the middle came to faith in Christ after hearing the gospel on the radio. He has been leading his family for 26 years and they are willing to host a weekly bible study in their home in Chanco. What a blessing they are to the Chorti people! In this picture are: left to right: Dr. Hook, Kristen Patrick, Alicia’s brother, Alicia’s father, Alicia, David Matthews, Oscar (member of Pastor Fido’s congregation), Pastor Rolando’s wife, our translator Noel, David Miller (we’re partnered with he & his wife Glynis), Alicia’s brother & sister Marta, and David White (another IMB missionary in the area also working with Chorti people)

Thanks again for keeping us in your prayers. We’ll be in touch with more updates soon … adios!

3 thoughts on “Fotos … that’s “photo” in Spanish!

  1. Thanks for posting pictures. It is more motivating to pray for real faces. I am excited to hear of the progress so far!

  2. We are excited how God is using and protecting you. Look forward to hearing all about your trip. We are praying for all of you. Love, Pete and Linda


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