Mission Himalaya: October Update

Emmanuel, Sony, Jessica, & Julia

For those of you who don’t know. Our church FBC/LP is partnered with Indian brothers who are planting churches in Northern India. Mission Himalaya is the name of this church planting network and was started by our dear brother, Emmanuel, and his family. Here is a picture of them.

Below are some stories Emmanuel  sent us of what God is doing through some of the church planters in Mission Himalaya we help support.

A Testimony from Gujjars’ Community  (The Gujjar’s are a nomadic, tribal people in Northern India.)

Here is  a story from our Gujjars’ sewing center. 

Mrs. Aseem Bibi is a student in our Sahoo center when bro. Daniel and Guatam went there to visit Mrs. Aseem said “I was so much blessed after jointing in your center”, She has been married for last 8 years, but not having children when I went 4 months ago I asked all of them “Is there anything that I can pray for you?” she shared her problem we prayed with faith by the grace of God she is pageant 3 months . through that entire center girls got much faith in the Lord Jesus they only have fear of their community, We gave her new testament she used to read the Bible , but husband is not agree with her new faith, Pray God may speak to him and whole family may come to the saving knowledge of our  Lord.

Sewing Center

A Testimony from Rajput Community

Pastor. Rashpal reports from C. village

Shasi Mahajan 32 years old. he  is from Rajput family   accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savoir and Lord. He is married to Bimala and they have one girl. Shasi’s life was in great trouble, because of not getting a proper job; though he  did his engineering and  waited  for  a job  for many years. He could not find any way to survive his family. Mean while Pastor. Rashpal and his wife happened to meet him in a friend’s house and asked about his life and family he shared the situation in which he was going through. Our pastor share the good news of peace. first day he did not show much interest, and went home;  three days later he came to Pr. Rashpal’s house and told him to pray  for his job.  Pr. Rashpal asked him to attend the bible story fellowship which he is running every evening. Mr. Shansi started attending the fellowship with much interest . That was the turning point of his life he learned how to pray and read the Bible.  He prayed with much faith for a job;  praise  the Lord that He got  a good job two weeks before. Now  he and his wife accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior and Lord, and attending our Sunday service regularly  also they are ready to take baptism. 

Our June Team with Rashpal and his Family


Emmanuel asked that we specifically pray for the Gujjar people. They are a Muslim people and Emmanuel has said they are one of the least responsive tribes to the gospel he’s ever worked with. Also, pray for our church planters who are working among these people! Below are some pictures of some Gujjar people.

A Typical Gujjar
Gujjars’ Tent

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