First Few Days in India

Happy Birthday Tina!!

What an amazing two days!  We met with nationals for the last two days, encouraging them and sharing principals for church leadership, shepherding and leading a godly life.  We witnessed numerous baptisms, as well.  Water was ice cold, but they were all so excited!
We taught the women how to use henna to tell the story of the “bleeding woman”.  So much fun.   Beth and I now have that story in henna on our hands.  Several women shared their stories, many heartbreaking.
As we began this morning, I was struck by the intensity of some of the nationals in their worship.  You could see it in their face and uplifted hands.  I was convicted just watching them, knowing that I do not have that much intensity.  Their gratitude for being saved from the evils around them was palpable!
We also had the opportunity to pray over and for many of them. How rewarding it was for me, as they lined up, one after another, waiting for us to pray for their problems!  I don’t know who was more blessed, me in praying for them, or those I prayed for!
This is a beautiful, exotic, dark place.  But so awesome being here doing His work.  And PTL, more to come!
BTW, driving here is INSANE!  We are high in the mountains, where there is a blind turn every few feet, yet they pass each other with nothing more than a “beep-beep” on every blind turn.  I can’t count then number of heart attacks I have almost had in the last two days! Amazing that they do not have constant wrecks and broken side mirrors, they come so close to each other. Last night as we were driving home on a narrow road ( they are all narrow) a dump truck stops right in front of us and dumps a load of sand right across the middle of the road.  All traffic stopped as two lone men hand shoveled the mountain of sand out of the road.  Drivers got out of their taxis to fuss at the workers to hurry up and get out of their way, but no one lent a hand.  I thought about getting out and helping them shovel, but decided it might not be a good idea!
We’ll try to post pictures soon!

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