Pictures of India Team

David teaching about the role of deacons.
Dr. Dillon Training Pastors & Wives
Jo Training
Training Pastors & Wives
Eating Lunch at Training
Jo & Dr. Dillon getting Lunch with Pastors between Training Sessions
One of the Women getting Baptized at the Training
One of the Men getting Baptized at the Training
India Team with Emmanuel (A Leader of Mission Himalaya)
Gautum, David, Emmanuel, & Dr. Dillon (Gautum & Emmanuel are two leaders of Mission Himalaya) Gautum is one of the pastors we help support monthly!
Dr. Dillon talking with Emmanuel
Jo & Beth Training the Women
Jo & Beth Training the Women
Jo & Beth Teaching the Women how to tell Stories of the Bible through Henna
The Women Practicing the story of “The Bleeding Woman” through Henna
Some of the Women who attended the Training
Dr. Dillon Preaching at Brother M.P’s Church
Brother M.P’s Church

2 thoughts on “Pictures of India Team

  1. How Great it is to see God’s hand in each of your lives, each of the pastors and all the Saints among you!! To Him, all the Glory and Honor as we pray for you and as we see your wholehearted love for our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ; all working together to bring in the “harvest” of many lost souls!!
    Love in Christ,

  2. These pics are awesome, seeing the work that you all are doing (through God’s power) in these peoples lives is amazing. So inspiring. God Bless. You!

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