We are in our second city now.  Interesting, long drive in today, more crazy driving. 

Our last day in S, the women worked with the children at the children’s home.  Bible Storying and scrapbooking, then Jesus bracelets. The children were wonderful, and many recited the stories back to us!  The men then joined us and we had dinner with Prabha and Pastor Paul (they run the home).
The men spent the day with L trekking to a remote location.  I’ll let them tell their story later.
After arriving in H today, we began walking the city.  Beth fell on uneven pavement and injured her knee.  Luckily, we had all of the bandages and medication she needed, so now she is resting with her knee propped up. She will be okay, but please pray for a quick and complete healing.
Tomorrow we try to contact the local pastor here.  His place was locked up tight tonight.  We pray that he is ready for us, though  it has been difficult communicating with him via email.   After writing this, he contacted us and we will spend two days working with his group of nationals as we did in S. 
This city is a very dark city, and considered one of the holy cities of the country.  Please pray with us as we prayer walk and attempt to serve God here.

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