The sounds, smells and beauty of India I find to be different but exciting. They call this city of H the holy city. Millions of people go through here each year, all looking for the answer. Though it is a very dark place I find the people open and friendly.

We had a great experience with the pastors today.  Dr. D went through the Bible from creation to Revelation. Tomorrow we will continue as today with helping these few to understand God’ s word.
I miss my family, as do all of the other team members, but it is so exciting to see how God is moving in these beautiful people.
Thank all of you for your prayers. Please pray for these young preachers with their endeavor to reach all these so very lost people.
Tomorrow afternoon we will travel by train back to Delhi, a six hour ride. Keep us in your prayers also.
Tina, I really like all the rice and pinto beans. Don’t think I have lost any weight, sorry! Love all of you so much.
Liz, you were right, this place is totally awesome!

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