medical team has arrived!!!!!

After four hours of flights and five hours on the winding roads of Guatemala, the medical team has finally arrived at out destination safely!!  Obviously you can tell by my ability to write this post that we are not missing all of the creature comforts of home, but the sights we have seen have already opened our eyes to our task at hand.  As I am sitting here on the ground on the porch of our hotel, just to get a small internet signal, I am reminded that these next six days will not be the same that we are used to!  As I reflect on our bus ride here, I am reminded that the beauty of this land is overwhelmed by the poverty of its people.  Yes, our team is allowed some of the comforts we are accustomed to in the states, a clean bed and a shower, but most of the “houses” we passed on our way here, didn’t even seem to have four walls.  The most comforting of all of these thoughts, are that we know that Gods work can be done here, despite all of the challenges that we may think could get in our way.  We know, that our God is bigger than all of these problems, that he is bigger than poverty and violence or what ever we may imagine could go on in a place like this!

I was reminded of all of this on the plane ride over here.  It took Gods work in my life to get me here.  I have not tried to hide the fact that I know that God is asking me to get out of my comfort zone by being here.  One of those things is my fear of heights and of course along with that, planes are not my preferred mode of transportation.  About an hour into our flight, after listening to a sermon by J.D. Greere about “Are you all in for God” I looked out my widow to see all of Gods glory below me.  I`m guessing we were somewhere about 25 miles off shore flying parallel to the Florida coast.  I could see all of the beaches and the water below me.  It was an amazing view of our country.  As i continued to look, i could notice boats below us, and i could tell the difference between small boats and the large container barges, then i looked back at the land and noticed how big it was compared to the rest of us.  For that brief moment is sunk in with me how small i was in this big old world, and how big our world actually was.  At 15,000ft in the air i also realized how big our God was.  If what i was seeing was that magnificent and grand, how awesome did our God have to be to create it all?  At that point, i actually realized how “big” our God actually is.  AND if our God is that big and awesome, why wouldn`t we want to tell the whole world about it? 

J. R.

2 thoughts on “medical team has arrived!!!!!

  1. I often ponder what you have shared and you are right-we have no idea how small we are until we are on a plane seeing the communities, towns, cities and all seem like specs and then you realize you have only traveled a few miles, not even a state, country, or continent yet-what a huge world, and yet with God being omniprescent, He is with all that have asked for His Spirit to reside with them. I appreicate your passion and commitment to these mission trips to reach others for Christ. ~Ashley

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