Day 4 by Anne

I hardly know where to begin.  So much has happened in such a short time and it seems to get better and better.  We were literally and spiritually on the mountain top this morning where we worshiped in the home of Guatemalan Christians in an area where there are very few believers. We sat on the porch enjoying the beauty of the mountains and while they sang in Spanish, we sang in English to the very lively music with a sound system and electric guitars and a keyboard. It was so uplifting even listening to Rolando preach in Spanish. The best part of all was the person who came to Christ at the end of the service.

The people have been so loving and friendly and appreciative that we came even bringing us bananas, corn tortillas,& Fanta orange drinks.  The crowds have gotten bigger each day; we have worked hard but as you can well imagine, we have been so blessed.  Two people on our team have already said, “when I come back next year……………”

Today is Ivey Gunn’s birthday and the Guatemalan medical team would like to wish her a happy birthday and thank her for celebrating her birthday early to allow her dad Jason to come with us and use his skills as our team physician.  He loves you very much and will see you soon!

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