It’s not about “religion” it’s about “relationships”

“Católico”…”Católico”…”Católico”…these are the words that we hear at almost every house we enter.  The word above translates into “Catholic”.  In our training, before the trip, we learned that we were coming to an “unreached people group” which is used to define a people group that is less than 2% Christian.  Coming into the village was shocking for us as we thought that the people would not have any knowledge of Jesus Christ.  However, the problem is that the people do not practice Catholicism as we traditionally understand it.  Most of the people in the village have no concept of a relationship with Jesus Christ, and pray to statues of saints, Mary, and participate other ritualistic practices.  We have found that because of their background it is even more difficult to evangelize to them.

Despite these challenges we have some great success stories to report!

In the morning we are training the nationals on how to tell Bible stories.  So far we have trained them on “Jesus healing the sick woman”, “Jesus feeding the 5,000”, and “Jesus’ birth.”  Tomorrow we will share “the Prodigal Son” and “Jesus’ death, resurrection, and ascension.”  It has been amazing how quickly the nationals (Guatemalan church members) have learned the stories, and how willing they are to share in the afternoon when we are in the homes.  One church member from Zacapa, named Juan, has been AMAZING.  He is a middle aged man who truly loves the Lord.  He has given up three days of possible income to be with us.  In the mornings, he retells the bible stories to us perfectly.  In the afternoons, Juan is very bold with sharing the stores he has learned.  Juan also uses the stories to open doors so that we can attempt to share the gospel with the people in the homes.

Today, our team had the opportunity to pray with a lady named Teresa who received Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior.  Please keep praying for open doors and open hearts in the Chorti people.  We can tell your prayers are working, and we are thankful for them.  Keep it up!

P.S. – The teachers were invited to go to another school tomorrow morning in addition to the one in Chanco.  More on that tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “It’s not about “religion” it’s about “relationships”

  1. Praise the Lord for the work He is accomplishing! I am so encouraged to hear about the excitement the local church members are showing for the Word. We will continue lifting you in prayer this week as you nourish these relationships.

    1. I feel like I am with you physically as well as prayerfully. Those of us on this end are so grateful for what you are doing

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