Small Brown Hands

Have you ever had a child lay hands on you to pray? As a mom and teacher I am around children 24/7, but this I must say was a first! The teacher part of our group was asked to present at our translator’s school. Pilar had accompanied us for the teacher trainings and asked us to come and present at her mother’s Christian school in a neighboring village. We gladly accepted and presented our two day training condensed into one day. We have learned that students and teachers across the world are very similar! After sharing our ideas and learning new ones too, we had the opportunity to visit while the 140 students ate lunch. We came to bless this community, however what happened next was a tremendous blessing to us!

We were served a delicious homemade lunch of black beans, rice and vegetable soup with homemade tortillas! Delicioso! After lunch the teachers were treated as honored guests. We walked into the lunch area as the students erupted into applause! I have no words to describe the chills and feelings of inadequacy that I personally felt. We were seated at the front of the “stage” and then presented with a demonstration from the children. All the students sang songs to us.  Some students wore traditional Mayan clothing. Other students, showed us how they grind corn to make the tortillas using a large stone and stone tablet. We were shown baskets, hats and brooms that are made from local plants. The blessing was far from over!

A 7 or 8 year old girl was brought forward to pray for us, and as she came forward, the youngest children gathered around us and laid hands on us. Then the girl spoke the sweetest, most innocent prayer thanking God for us and asking His continued blessings on us. At the conclusion all the students made their way over to us, and hugged us and thanked us for coming to visit their school! While we came to share our knowledge and bless them, we were the ones who were truly shown the amazing glory of our Father in heaven through small, brown hands of Guatemalan children.

2 thoughts on “Small Brown Hands

  1. Pilar and Jorge’s have such a vision for what their school can become. We are blessed to be acquainted with them and their life of ministry. Glad you are all doing so well. Praying that The Lord shows us all (American and Guatamalan alike) how inadequate we truly are before it is too late. Bless you and keep you.

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