It’s Goooood!

Our team arrived at the Arkansas House in Guatemala City this afternoon around 4:30 after a morning of experiencing the heart of the Cho’rti people in a small town named Jocotan. The thing that took us by surprise was the noise level… but I don’t mean it was loud. David Miller noticed our “Gringo” voices and asked us to quiet down. Then he asked what we could hear. We stood there listening intently and our ears were filled with sounds of cars, birds, and a soft murmur of voices. It was amazing! If that many people were in one place in the states it would have been a “yell to hear each other” situation. A little later, a small Cho’rti man approached our translator Gustavo. The man asked him, “Who are those creatures?” It reminded us of the verse in 1 Peter that says, “Dear Friends, I warn you as temporary residents and foreigners…” Gustavo explained that we were different because we were from the United States here as missionaries. He told us (in his accent) not to worry about it, “it’s gooood.” We laughed and laughed about it all day as people continued to stare at us. David Miller also took us to a nice basket store where they sold the same things that the teacher team learned about yesterday. It was a very authentic Cho’rti place and we were thankful to have the experience. After lunch at a local restaurant with fellow IMB missionaries, David & Regina Miller (who are also transitioning into working with the Cho’rti people) we loaded up and headed out.

Our devotional team time was great tonight emphasizing the friendships & bonds we’ve made. They are lasting and we are appreciative to have been able to serve the Lord with each other! We are ready to experience more of the Guatemalan culture tomorrow at the market in Antigua. As we wind down and have time together as a team, we are still looking to have intentional conversations and interactions with the people here. Please keep praying for us … we couldn’t have been here without your support and your prayers! We prayed for you this morning at breakfast and will see you soon!

(By the way, our pictures are just too stinkin’ big and the internet isn’t strong enough to handle trying to post them … we’ll get those up when we get back home! And Liz, the second day on the mountain … we found Oscar!)

One thought on “It’s Goooood!

  1. You guys have done great. I can’t wait until October to take a team down an continue Gods work. Be safe and we look forward to having you all home.

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