Reconstructive Paranoia

Man is so depraved

We have in one day

more sins than stars in the heavens

more than molecules in blood that reddens

when spilt on the white cloth

that we had sought

to keep clean

but now mean

to make more dirty

 menstral rags times thirty

how could we be worthy

when the water so mirky

the mountains so high

the bird in the sky

the valleys so low

but no

God chose and selected

a broken pot being perfected

to be the picture of the Gospel

we think of our sin as an obstacle

but we should opt to go

because that is satans mocking blow

we just amplify his glory

for through all history

he has used the most wretched sinners

to be the greatest lost winners

taking a murder named saul

changed to an apostle named paul

taking a worthless scum named Austin

and making life blossom

for the flower to the valley is closest

Beauty is shown at the lowest

as the heavenly father continues to grow us

the Glory of God is displayed through the grossest


Pray for us dear brothers and sisters as we endure through trials and tears to feed the lost sheep


People worship these idols till they come in contact with God

– Mac Miller

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