Good Week in H…

The sun came out Tuesday. Wednesday was more like the weather we expected- hot and muggy.  The conference finished up with questions and discussion.  In fact, this was very lively and took up the time we allotted for the last session.  But it was good.  The pastor of the host church, Pastor Wilson Masih was very pleased with the whole program and is looking forward to the next time we can have a conference together.

Today we travel to Delhi on 6:50 pm train.  We will connect with Liz, Jenna, and Chad there to go to our next conference.  Libby and I are ready now for the train scam.  We hope this trip will be less suspenseful.

We saw the “Artie” festival last evening on the Ganga  river.  There were literally thousands there cheering and watching.  There were vendors, pick-pockets, tourists, devout Hindus, and workers trying to get donations. It was a sight.  I started a conversation with a “holy man” who for 50 years has been on a spiritual quest to find the highest spiritual level.  He believes that eventually through effort and devotion he will be come enlightened and at one with the great spirit.  If he reaches it he will become eternally one with all things.   If he does not reach that status when he dies, he will be re-born into another life and have another chance at it.  He was a graduate engineer but gave it up to seek enlightenment.  He believes his good deeds and lack of material possessions will get him there.  He  is aware of Jesus, but rejects Christianity.  What darkness there is in this world.  But at lease he knows he needs something in his life.

God is at work in India in many more ways than we know.  It is thrilling to at least have some small part in His work here.

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