Aborted Scam

We finished the ministry in H… Wednesday at noon.  On Wednesday afternoon went with pastor W… to a site where he hopes to start another church.  He has a piece of land in a new development where new houses are being built.  I agree wit him that this site is ripe for a church plant. We’ll see if God leads FBC/LP to participate.

Thursday we took a trip through the market near the river.  Since this is such a big tourist/pilgrim city, the market is large with several streets and over 1000 shops and stalls.  It has much to see, more to smell, and is quite a sight to see.  Then we we fellowshipped with the pastor and his family and scouted out another hotel for future trips to H…  It was a great hotel with good prices.  It was quite a difference than where we have stayed for two years. This year we fought crickets every day.  Our room must have been an incubator for them.  Even bug spray didn’t work. We really don’t want  to stay there again.

The train ride to Delhi was very smooth.  Libby and I had opportunity to share with people. She talked with a young woman next to her who seemed sympathetic, but is not interested in rusting Jesus now.  Perhaps a seed was planted though.  I had a similar experience with a young business man travelling home to Delhi after being in H… for his job.  He told me he was trusting in his good works to see him through into eternity. He is Hindu, butnot very committed.  He just thinks if he is a good person and really tries hard he will be all right.

As the train pulled in to Delhi, porters boarded the train.  Since we were very tired, I hired one to carry our bags to a taxi.  On the platform, as we haggled over price, a taxi river appeared and offered us his services.  We had no reservations.  I called a place we had stayed before, and they were full.  So I told the driver to take us to the Crown Regency since we had seen it last week as we went there to pick up train and plane tickets for the whole team.  The driver offered to take us to a place where we could call the hotel and check on a room.  We said okay. When we went in to the agency he knew about, the agent called for us and told us there were no rooms.  I was getting suspicious, so the driver took us quickly two doors away to see if another agent could do any better.  He dialed, said something in Hindi and gave me the phone.  When the man on the other end told me there were no rooms at the CR, I was disappointed.  The agent then proceeded to try to talk us into another hotel he knew about.  I agreed to look at a room there.  But as the driver was taking us there, I saw quickly the place he was taking us was not a place we would stay.  When I wouldn’t even look at the room, he was a little angry.  I demanded he take us to the CR.  He made some excuses and trid to assure us there were no rooms.  I kept insisting, so he took us.  It was about 30-45 minutes away.  When we got there, I went in and asked for a room.  No problem.  We have a lovely room.  Libby and I had a talk with the driver and didn’t give him what he wanted to charge.

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