#SendCola2013 – The High School Mission Trip

It has only been 18 hours since we got back from Columbia, SC on the high school mission trip (and I am still dragging from being physical worn-out, but spiritually full!).  Our God showed himself in so many ways, it was amazing.  When we begin to publicize our mission trip in the winter we tell students that we think that it could be the best week of their year, and I stand by those words.  I am convinced that spending a week serving Jesus and others has the potential to radically change a student (or any person’s) life.  As I am writing this I have a stack of student response cards sitting beside me, that I have yet to read.  We ask our students to write on a notecard how God has changed their life over the trip, and I am so looking forward to reading how they have been shaped.

There is so much life-shaping that happens on a mission trip, but what excites me the most is the idea that our students have come home with a better understanding of how they can be a better servant and missionary in their everyday life.  Is it possible for high school students to be missionaries at school, work, home, on a team, or where ever?!  YES!  If its not possible, than I don’t want to do this job! 

There are two quick stories that I want to share before I include some pictures:
1.  On Thursday night a student with our group shared that on Tuesday night he placed his faith in Jesus Christ and became a Christian.  We were all so excited!  And you know what is so cool?  He was invited to the FirstWave Student Ministry at LifePark by a friend, in the band…who was obviously being a missionary!
2.  On a Kids Sites we shared the story of Jesus’ death & resurrection with many children and one of our students shared Jesus one-on-one with a 11 year old girl and she became a Christian. I praise God for a church that has invested in the next generation, so much so that there are some who are willing and prepared to lead someone in a relationship with Christ.

Praise God for the opportunity to be his ambassadors and share the message of reconciliation with people in our city, state, country and around the world.  To Him be the Glory!

Until the whole world hears, Paul C.

 ImageKids Site 1

ImageKids Site 2

ImageHelping Hands Site – (Elderly/Disabled Day Care)

ImageHomeless Site

ImageSEND COLUMBIA – High School Mission Team – FirstWave Student Ministry – The Church at LifePark

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