We left Delhi Saturday on the 8:40 pm train. Three team members,  Liz, Jenna, and Chad, had gone on the day before.  Ron had become well enough to travel.  Without incident we boarded the train and found our spot.  There was a family of 6 who shared our berth ment for 6.  We had a restless night and arrived at P… about 4:00 am.  We found a taxi to get to our hotel which was several km out of town.  When we arrived, there was no room for us.  We finaly went back to town and found a hotel which we discovered is much nicer than we expected.

At 5:30 we went to sleep and didn’t wake up until near 1:00 pm.  The rest of our team, who had gone on to Ch… to visit Emmanuel’s family and church, and the college team arrived later in the day.  In the evening we got a tuk tuk to the team hotel and enjoyed food and fellowship with them.

Monday am we arrived at the mission compound in P…  It is actually a church, a school, and formerly a Bible college.  It is a good facility for the conference with dining space. So the meals are cooked and served on site.  As the pastor’s and their families begin to arrive, we try to greet each one.  By the time of the third session there are at least 82 people registered.  Emmanuel has done a great job  preparing for this conference.  He even has a large vinal sign posted on the wall that says, “North West India Pastor’s Conference, June 24-26, P… India, Sposored by FBC, LP and Mission Harvest”

By Emmanuel’s evaluation, we had a very good first day.  Chad and I alternated in presenting the material.  We all made new friends.  I remembered some of the men from last year.  It was good. The food was good Indian food.  Day 2 is coming.

On a personal note, while I (Ron) am getting well, Libby is getting sick with a bad cold.  She has a runny nose, congestion, sore throat,  and general sense of illness.  Pray for Libby.  The rest of the team is well.  Alyssa on the college team is getting over a stomach virus and is still a little weak.

2 thoughts on “PASTOR’S CONFERENCE IN P…

  1. I am sorry, Dr. Dillon, that you have been so sick. I have been praying for praying for Mrs. Libby too, and a safe return for all.


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