June India (Adult) Team Update!

Hello church family!  Greetings from India! Jemesiki!  This is the
Indian word for “Praise the Lord.”   We have been praising the Lord
for the Great Commission work being done in India.  As you may recall,
less than 2% of the 1.2 billion people in India are Christians.  We
led a three day conference for pastors (and wives for those who are
married) including the following topics: 1) the pastor and his walk with
God, 2) the pastor and his family and 3) the pastor and his ministry.  Many
of these men are not theologically trained and received good biblical
instruction on how to balance life.  I talked with several men
privately about deep sins and struggles in their congregations.  The
pastors shared the supernatural stories of how the Spirit was breaking
through these unreached villages.  One Indian pastor shared he planted a
church in northern India and worked for three years without one
convert.  This past year he has seen 10 people come to faith in
Christ.  Jemesiki!  He said that he thought our church’s prayers over the past year helped him to finally see fruit! We worshipped, prayed, encouraged and taught them
from the Scriptures.  It was a tremendous joy!  Last night, we had
dinner with two young missionary couples who are passionate about
sharing Christ with Indians.  One couple has been here four years
leading people to Christ.  I will share more with you when I return.
Thank you for the prayers and may the Lord continue to bring light in
the midst of a very dark world.  


Pastor Chad

*We’ll publish some pictures on the blog when we get home!

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