Hello Friends!
Life has been busy the past few weeks in India. We set out from our long stay with friends to travel to several different cities. We were very excited to meet up with the second team from home from a few days. During our time with them, we were able to take part in an incredible conference for pastors. From teaching to fellowship, the week was a wonderful success. Julia and I were able to be a part of the ministry for the pastor’s wives. We were so blessed to make long-lasting friendships with these ladies and encourage them as they also encouraged us. After this conference, we traveled to a new city to do some work with another partner. We were able to visit several homes of believers and share with and encourage them. This part of our trip also included some adventures! We had the opportunity to go high up in the mountains and go paragliding. We also made some yak friends! The beauty of being up so far in the Himalayas is indescribable. God’s power and wonder is so evident in this place. After a few days in there, Julia and Austin had an unfortunate bout of sickness for several days, so we stayed longer than expected. But thankfully they are both feeling better now and we have begun moving once again. We are now spending time with more locals visiting believers and nonbelievers alike. Yesterday, we had the privilege of going to visit an orphanage. Sometimes when you think you are going to spend the whole day loving on kids, you actually end up waiting five hours outside the building for people to get there. Those hours were trying, but all of our frustration melted at first sight of those children and the men and women who care for them. We were not able to stay long, but the short amount of time that we spent with them definitely made a lasting impact on our hearts.Today we were able to share the Word through henna storying. We are hoping to be here a little bit longer and then make our way south as our trip begins to come to a close. Continue to pray that we would not lose sight of these last precious days we have, and that we would be intentional in everything we do. Thank you so much for your prayers and concern for our team.
In Christ,

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