Leaving the Himalayas

Friends! Thank you for your diligent prayer. The college team has spent an incredible 7 weeks in India and we will be flying home in just under a week. I am really excited to come home. I miss American food that doesn’t give me heart burn, the flatness of the terrain in the south and the smell your clothes have when they haven’t been living in your pack for two months. But I love India. Many of you know that this has been my (Julia) second summer here and that I have had the privilege to call the Himalayan mountains my home for a grand total of 15 weeks. This summer we were able to reconnect with old friends and I think the second goodbye is harder than the first. Many of them included “okay, we will see you again next year, come back soon!” I am extremely thankful for this season of sending in my life, but because of school commitments and just where I am in life this will probably be my last summer as a college student in India. And that makes it much harder to leave.

We just arrived in the capital after leaving the Himalayas and spending some sweet time with an Indian family. We were able to spend three nights at their home, and Alyssa and I got very close to their 19 year old daughter. We drank multiple cups of chai in the morning and ate Indian food all day long. We were able to meet with some believers and share stories with them and encourage them. We also attended and taught at their church last Sunday. I was reminded of the beauty of hearing my brothers and sisters worship in another language, as well as how much it must please our father to hear this as well.

Now that our time is coming to an end, we will be spending some time with people in the capital, sightseeing and shopping before heading home just after midnight Tuesday morning. Please pray for our debrief time, that The Lord would speak to us and reveal things to us, and help us to process what we have seen him do over the past 7 weeks.

We will see you all soon!
In love,

We helped the family we stayed with make momos!

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