July Guatemala Team

July Guatemala 2013

The Evangelism Mission Team is leaving for Guatemala this Saturday, July 27, to witness to the Chortί people group who are an unreached people group. The team consists of fifteen people: Paul Coleman, Debby Hulett, Anne Bond, Ben Mason, Hillary Holder, Miranda Mason, Austin Hughes, Miranda Godfrey, Derek Giese, Jennifer Rossen, Heather Harrison, Logan Todd, Matt Wieters, Elliott Taylor, and Melissa Hulett. In the mornings they will be sharing the Gospel within houses. They will also be connecting with nationals and challenging them to be involved in witnessing. After lunch, the team will be leading children’s lessons which will allow the children to hear the Good News on their own level. In the evenings they will also get the opportunity to show the Jesus Film which is a visual representation of the story about Christ.

Please begin to pray for this team and for all the people they will get to meet as this team’s primary purpose is to share the Gospel. Pray that hearts will be changed by the Holy Spirit and that the team will have servant’s hearts. Pray that the Light of the World will change this people group so that an indigenous church can be planted and they can be an agent of change in their nation.

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