July 28th 2013

After the best sleep I’ve had in months we woke up and were blessed with a time of worship together as a team. This brought great unity between our team and our translators. After worship we were blessed with wonderful food by our hotel they have been amazing.

After breakfast we headed to Chanco and while the goal of our teams were to prayer walk my team and others were able to share our faith. While reading Philippians 2: 1-11 a man approached us after we greeted him and we were able to share this text in Spanish with him and Paul shared his testimony and we found of this man’s Catholic faith and his deep devotion to good works for salvation. Pray for Carlos and the villagers. Please my brothers and sisters pray against this wrong doctrine of works and that Christ’s life, Death on the cross, and raising will become the hope and trust of the Chanco people.

May Grace and Peace change their hearts as well as ours, 

Logan Todd

2 thoughts on “July 28th 2013

  1. Let Derrick know and all of our LifePark family doing God’s great work how proud we are and that all of you are in our prayers!

  2. I have been praying for the entire group, as well as, the Chanco peoples hearts to be open to hear the gospel. We are all so happy to hear the wonderful news of having an opportunity to speak with someone on the prayer walk. I will continue to pray that the villagers will hear the true doctrine of Christ.

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