July Guatemala Team

Today was a good day! No one had to stay home sick which was a true blessing. Hopefully the Lord will continue in gracing us with good health.  

The house to house evangelism team I am on have been spending time encouraging and sharing with a fifteen year old named Roberto. We have been sharing testimonies with him as well as bible stories. We have also been teaching him to read the bible so that he will be able to understand what he reads after we leave.  Please be praying for his growth in his faith as well as his leadership. Pray that he will be able to bring others to Christ and that a fire will be set inside his soul to reach the lost people in his village. We have also been able to talk with his father and one of his friends. Hopefully tomorrow we will get to talk to his mother. She is deeply rooted in the Catholic faith so pray that the Holy Spirit will speak to her heart when we talk to her.

Today we also showed the movie The Climb which engaged adults more than some of the other movies. That was really good to see!

I want to thank the Church family for praying for us. Your prayers are appreciated. We are grateful to be a part of God’s plan for the people of Chanco. Christ calls people to be apart of his bride when it pleases him and we are all grateful to be used as part of that plan. 


2 thoughts on “July Guatemala Team

  1. Hillary and all, thanks for the updates! Via con Jesus Christ!

    Please tell Heather hello from Mom and Dad.

  2. So glad everyone is feeling well again! Keeping you all in our prayers as you continue to do God’s work.

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