Guatemala Team (October 2014)

October 2014 Guat Team
(Larry Zimmerman, Stacie Wainwright, Liz Eckbreth, Brenda McGowan, Dennis McGowan, David Matthews, Jessica Jones, Jason Jones)

Our next Guatemala Team leaves this Saturday, October 19th. The team of 8 will go back to the village of Chanco to continue sharing with the hopes that the Lord will raise up an indigenous church in the very near future. In the mornings, the team will spend time with the handful of believers who live in the village, and whom we’ve seen come to Christ since we began the work in Chanco a year ago.The team will be encouraging them and teaching them from God’s word. They will give the believers practical tools to share the gospel in their village and teach them spiritual disciplines so they can grow closer to Jesus on their own. Every tool the team will be giving these believers are reproducible so they can easily teach others and make disciples of more Chorti people. In the afternoons, the team will go out with the believers to share the gospel (putting the tools they learn into practice).

Please pray for this team. Pray for unity and that they would serve one another well- and that it would be a testimony to those watching. Pray for David & Glynis Miller, the IMB Missionaries they will be working with. Pray for the believers that live in Chanco- that they would be encouraged, strengthened, and emboldened by our visit. Pray for the hearts of those that live in Chanco- that hearts, ears, and eyes would be open to the truth that Jesus can forgive sin and grant life! And finally, pray the team would be mindful that they are not fighting against flesh & blood but against principalities and spiritual forces (Ephesians 6:12) and that Jesus would use this team to continue to bring His Kingdom to earth.

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