Our last day on the mountain…







Hola from Guatemala

Another great day here in the beautiful village of Chanco! This morning we divided the team again with half staying to teach a very enthusiastic group of nationals, and the other half going to witness to more of the locals. Team 1 taught about what it looks like to be in relationship with Jesus and how we develop that relationship through Bible study and prayer. The students were great; very attentive and focused. It’s wonderful to teach people that are so receptive to learning how to be in relationship with Jesus. Its very obvious that they love the Lord and are eager to know more about him…

random event… as I write this I just broke that chair and busted my tail if front of all. Thanks Lord for the moment of humility. At least the computer landed in my lap. That’s 3 chairs and counting for team America! Can’t wait to get back to those cheeseburgers! Now back to Chanco…



Team 2 revisited a home and ran into some serious spiritual warfare. But no matter what the enemy was throwing at them the team stayed focused and continued sharing the love of Christ. In the end the home turned out to be one of the most promising prospects for a future Bible study. It was also one of the few houses that did not defend the very established local Catholic church. That’s important because many of the people are Catholic and are very involved in the church. Out of respect for the church they decline our offers to lead a Bible study in their home.

After a tasty lunch, the two teams split up and continued visiting homes. With each home visit it’s becoming more and more apparent to the teams just how Catholic this town is. The people are warm and inviting to you into your home but not receptive to the idea of salvation through Christ and Christ alone.  They believe that through their works and the blood of Jesus they will be saved. But as Paul teaches us in his letter to the Ephesians that we have been saved through faith and not of own doing so that no one may boast. It’s sad because they have no assurance of salvation that they will one day be with the Lord. Please pray for them and for this freedom that they do not yet have.

We ended the day with a very good dinner, time of worship, and sharing the events that happened during the day. The team usually ends with encouragement and prayer and today we also ended with a song. We sang Open the Eyes of My Heart in spanish which ended with the nationals singing “Santos, Santos Santos” as we sang “Holy, Holy, Holy”. It was  beautiful.


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