Our Last Day

Our last day is filled with emotions of happiness that we are almost home and yet sadness that we have made such amazing friends, seen God’s love and kindness just oozing out and hoping that these lessons will continue when we are at home.

We went to Antigua where Larry and Staci stimulated the local economy!  The people were from all over the world and Dennis and I got to witness to three UK students .  The ease of witnessing will translate to everywhere.  The crafts that the natives made were so awesome and varied that anything could be found! AND some of us saw and bought everything!

David and Glynsis have been so gracious in providing for us.  Suppers and Breakfasts were cooked at the Arkansas House and we enjoyed eating and singing of God’s love always, everywhere.

Please continue to pray for the Chor’ti people and all of Guatemala!

Charleston here we come prepared to share God’s love to our neighbors!



Psalm 34:8
Glynis made us delicious asparagus soup for dinner- WHAT a blessing…yummmm…

2 Corinthians 2:15

Larry and Staci stimulating the local economy after being lured in by the smells from a local bakery….


Psalm 148:1-6

Our first stop of the day, a beautiful view of Antigua; the ‘mountain’ in the background is actually an active volcano.


Revelation 2:29
check out this song:

we listened to this song during dinner…it is SO good!

1 Samuel 16:7

She may be small, but what the Lord will do through her will be great. Pray for the people of Chanco, church.

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