We have arrived!

We made it safely to Guatemala City!  Our journey was easy and uneventful.  However, we have already seen Him at work.  The legal paperwork we needed to be able to bring the prescription medications into the country were not ready when we arrived at Customs.  If the bag with these meds had been selected for search in Customs, they most likely would have held these precious and much needed medicines.  However……. God, as always, was in charge of the situation.  He goes before us and He stands behind, and today He did so gloriously.  The Customs official simply waved all of our bags through without checking any of them!  Whew!!!

After a quick lunch at Wendy’s, we moved on to the Arkansas House.  Our plans changed, and being the flexible team that we are, we will be staying here tonight and traveling to Jocotan tomorrow.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we prepare to begin the clinic Saturday.  God has used the teams in the last year to really begin opening doors for His Gospel.  The Chorti are expecting us, anticipating our arrival.  Pray that not only will we be able to provide physical relief, but more importantly, boldly share the one most precious gift we can give, Jesus!

As a personal aside, it is so wonderful being back here.  Anne and I were saying today that it is like coming home!  We love it here!!!!

God Bless You!!

2 thoughts on “We have arrived!

  1. We are excited that God made a way. He always is an on time God. We continue to pray for each of you and that The Lord will bless each of you in telling the Chorti people the love of Jesus. I do believe that this will be the best mission trip ever. “He holds you in His hands.” Thanks for the update.

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  2. Keep up the good work. God is in control. Praying for each of you by name every day.
    Ron help Charles out you know he is getting old😃😃😃😃.

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