It’s day two of our clinic and Sue, Tracy and Jo are here to tell you Jesus is working in Guatemala!  We saw over 80 patients today at the clinic and more importantly, 28 prayed to receive Christ!!  Praise God we have new brothers and sister in Christ. 

One of our serious patients was Arnoldo.  He has an advanced cancerous tumor on his lip that has not been treated properly.  David is working on getting him to a specialist in the city.  He is just 50 years old and is not a believer.  We were not able to treat his condition.  Please pray for his salvation and that David is able to get him to the right doctor for treatment immediately. 

Our team is bonding and working hard together.  The people in Chanco are so appreciative of everything we are doing.  They are so affectionate towards us and are genuinely kind people. 

Dr. Hook is a constant source of entertainment for us.  I (Tracy) hear him sing when I wake up and as I am going to sleep.  I’m not sure he sleeps, and not sure Anne does either!

The weather is beautiful, windy and sunny.  The scenery is indescribably beautiful as we travel to and from the village each day.  The mountains seem to go on forever. 

We love and miss all of our family and friends and will see you soon!

Let God’s will be done.

Sue, Jo, and Tracy



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  1. Praise God for the new brothers and sisters. One plants on tills and another harvests. It is all the work of God!!! So grateful to HIm for the fruit that is being harvested.

  2. A year ago, over two-hundred times, and again today from afar, I pray that the Holy Spirit will come to the people you are fellowshipping with there. May the seed fall on fertile soil (Matthew 13:8). God keep you. Love the Gunns.

  3. Praise the Lord! Your report brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face. I pray that on your last day of ministry the Lord will infuse with energy and His power as He touches the Chanco people through you.

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