January 26–6AM

We can hardly contain our joy!  Yesterday we had our first day of clinics in Chanco, in the same village where we were last year and 18 of the people who came prayed to receive Christ. Our missionaries invited Rolando, a local pastor from another area to help share the gospel and that he did.  We could only share through our smiles and touch while Rolando told them in Spanish the only reason we have peace and joy.

David and Glynis also told us that the 6 year old girl Jason Gunn saw last year and who realized she had a genetic defect in her ears which caused malformation causing numerous ear aches and drainage is now scheduled to have surgery in early spring.  Paula came to the clinic again yesterday and we got to meet her and some of her family who became Christians because of this.  David has many long trips to pick her and her family up to make sure she could be seen by the right doctor.

God is at work here and we thank you, First Baptist, for making it happen.

We love you,               

Anne for the GMT

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