Beginning the journey home…

Early this morning we left our home base in Jocotan and started back towards Guatemala City.  By afternoon, we had reached the city of Antigua, where we were able to spend some time perusing the local artistry.  One of the highlights was stopping at the wood-working shop of the father of one of our local translators, Maria Jose (Mary Jo, for all you Southerners  😉 )  His work is absolutely beautiful, and we were blessed with being able to see Maria Jose’s home and meet her family.

Right now we are back in Guatemala City, preparing for our flight tomorrow.  As you all well know, it looks like bad weather is headed for Charleston.  We’ve been calling home to touch base with our families, as we trust in God’s timing to get us home exactly when He wants us to.  Especially during this time, we covet your prayers for safe travel, and please know that we are praying for y’all’s safety as well.  In the meantime, it leaves us with plenty of time to reflect on some special moments from the clinic this week, which we would like to share with you…

*One local woman, Rosa, told us she had been waiting for the dentist since our March 2013 team came…and she visited us twice this week.

*Another woman told the pharmacy that she remembered us from last year but the reason she came this year was because she sensed our kind spirit…and she brought the rest of her family later that week.

*Several patients brought bananas and beans for us to enjoy.

*One young lady came with her 4 small children to see the doctor…and her biggest need was comfort, as her husband had just committed suicide.

*A sweet, elderly man could not stop expressing his gratitude for how patient we were with an “old man.”

*As we ascended the mountain on our last day, we ran into multiple people who were on their way to the clinic…including a truck-full (taxi-full) of folks dropped off right outside the door.

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