April Guatemala: We Have Arrived!!

Guatemala April 2014 Day 1
We have arrived!!!!!!! Hallelujah!!! We have already accomplished so much this first day all to the glory of the Lord! We arrived in Guatemala without any incidences (no luggage was lost, no one was late, etc.), and we were able to walk right through immigration and customs into Guatemala City! If y’all think Americans are scary drivers…come to Guatemala ;)! We have an amazing driver named Tony who doesn’t speak any English, but has an amazing heart for the Lord and was able to keep us safe on those hectic roads in the city. David and Glynis (the missionaries located here in Guatemala) met us at the airport and took us to lunch before going to the Arkansas House (the house in Guatemala City where we will be staying until we make our three hour drive to Chanco). Once at the house, our team was able to relax and start bonding. The women on our team learned the “cup song” and were able to match the beat with a Spanish, children’s worship song that we will be able to teach to the children of Chanco. We were also blessed enough to experience how a day to day Guatemalan shops! Glynis took us to the local market where the locals can buy produce, toiletries, tires, mattresses, and secured cheese and chocolate. Yes the cheese and chocolate were locked up! You can see the priorities of the locals and we think that they have it right! Also, inside the market there was an ice cream shop. Most of us decided to try different flavors and expand our horizon, but God was also working. The worker at the ice cream shop was actually at the checkout wanting to buy a few little things, but when she saw us at the counter she left her purchases and came to help us. Glynis saw the young woman leave and took it upon herself to pay for the woman’s groceries. When Glynis came up to the counter with the young woman’s groceries the smile on her face was radiant. The young woman tried to pay Glynis back, but Glynis wouldn’t have it. This is an example of how we can bless others and still show God’s love on a day to day basis. We are encouraged by Glynis’ example of being a light to the Guatemalans, and are excited for tomorrow where we will be in Chanco continuing the work of spreading God’s love to the Ch’orti. Thank you all for your prayers! We will update as soon as we can on the work that is being done for God’s kingdom here in Guatemala!
Peace and Blessings!
Jessica and ErinGuatemala Team April 2014

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