Guatemala April 2014 Day 2

Guatemala April 2014 Day 2

Wow! What a great day we’ve had! This morning we left the Arkansas House and made the three hour journey to the village of Chanco. On the way we got to know each other more deeply by telling our testimonies. It was a very special time of bonding. We also stopped and had lunch at a mall in Chiquimula. The scenery on the way to the village was absolutely beautiful, though the drive was a little frightening because of the cliffs and drop offs! Once we were in the village, David (the missionary here) had us come out of the vans and he talked to us about the importance of prayer walking. Prayer walking is a way to prepare for the spiritual battle that is in Chanco. David led us through the village, and as we were walking up and down the mountain, we prayed for every person we saw, every house we passed, and for our boldness in bringing the gospel. We stopped to visit a group of Chorti people at a local cantina. We were able to tell them about our upcoming health clinics, and we were amazed at their hospitality when they cut a fresh watermelon and shared it with us. We asked the hostess if she got the watermelon from her garden, and when she told us she had to make an hour trip to the market to buy it, we were astounded and humbled by her kindness. We saw the evidence of God paving the way for us to build relationships. After our time in Chanco, we made our way to Hotel Ramirez in Jocotan where we enjoyed a delicious dinner. Then we had a time of devotion and a sweet time of worship. Please continue to pray that God will speak through us and that lives can be changed.

One thought on “Guatemala April 2014 Day 2

  1. I could just envision the village as you prayer walked through it. Thank you for sharing. Know that we are praying for you here; praying for boldness, for strength and health, and for the encouragement, hope and truth you are taking to these special people that God loves! God Bless each of you!

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