Go Tell it on the Mountain….Guatemala Day 5


Today was amazing! God truly has placed us in a beautiful area and the smiles of the people in Chanco are unforgettable. Today our work in the village continued as we visited several more homes. We told bible stories and shared our testimonies with anyone who was willing to listen. Although our presence was not on the schedule of the people, they were more than willing to drop everything that they had going on just to meet us and see what it is we had to say. Even the children were attentive! The joy of the people was evident as we shared with them the good news of Jesus. Our village contact, and sweet man of Christ, Miguel, was very helpful and he shared with the families too. He knows everyone, absolutely everyone, in Chanco and the neighboring villages. After visiting homes all morning, we enjoyed our lunch-time “siesta” at Miguel’s house. He even got up extra early to cut some sugar cane for us to enjoy with our lunch. Wow! That was fantastic!

As the afternoon clouds began to roll down the mountains we made our way over to the school to prep for our health clinic. Many children saw this as an opportunity to come meet the gringos! There was a lot of games, songs, and bubble blowing for the kids, which was alot of fun for everyone. On the clinic side of things, we had 6 women who came to learn about cleaning their food properly as well as how to disenfect water properly. We read a couple stories to the kind ladies to help depict senarios in which water was properly cleaned and not cleaned at all. These were very good for them to understand because the importance of using clean water for drinking and washing their food will prevent illness in their families. For a visual impact, we showed them some pretty raw pictures of people with nasty infections caused by unclean water/food. Although the pictures were pretty gross, the ladies were sure to tell us that they did not want to cut corners on how they protect their water! What a great day in Chanco!

After being here this past October, I can tell a huge difference in how the villagers have opened up to us. By the grace of God, we will be having regular church meetings in Chanco very soon! Once we made our way back “home” to Jocotan we noticed several children with guitars waiting outside the hotel. While reflecting back on the day, up on the roof of the hotel, we were able to have the children come up and seranade us with a couple songs (so cool). Also at the same time, we were without electricity, likely due to the rain. We had a couple moments of light, but enjoyed our evening devotion by candle-light! I will never again take air conditioning for granted, boy oh boy is it hot this time of year in Jocotan. Praise the Lord for a nice cold shower!!! Stay tuned for our last day in Chanco…




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