Hot in Delhi

We are home from Delhi.  This was the smoothest India trip I have made.  All travel connections were good.  No one got sick.  our ministry objectives were completed.  And we were able to connect with two ministry partners.

Thursday in Delhi the temperature reached 112 degrees!  We thought 107 in Haridwar on Wednesday was bad.  We just worked in sweat and looked for shade and ceiling fans.  God is good though.  Nothing was hampered as far as we can tell. 

Our plane arrived in Charleston Friday afternoon at about 4:30.  We had many contacts with individuals along the way as well as those targeted in the conference.  We did not see growth in numbers of pastors this year, but there were about 15-20 children who came.  They are residents of a Christian children’s home several miles from Haridwar.  Their principal is a friend of Pastor Wilson, so he brought them.  On two days they sang a worship song for us in English.  It was good to have them.  Libby connected with the women in separate sessions just for them.

Our initial assessment is that we had a good ministry in India.  With such a ministry to pastors, we do not see immediate results.  But we trust our Lord to use the time for eternity

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