Prayers for our family in Guatemala


Sorry for the delay guys! We have had some adventures with loss of electricity, traveling, and spending another day in Chanco. After the last few days in the village, the team felt led to go back in to the village and spend intentional time with a few families. Miguel, the local believer here, has specific houses he knew we needed to visit. We did not split into two groups like we had in the previous visits so this was going to be a new experience. The first house we went to had a woman who had just lost her husband, father, and had a new grandbaby all within ten months of each other. Her name was Dalia, her daughter was Timotea, and the baby was named Bryan. Dalia told us that she felt very alone, and Jessica felt led to share the gospel with her by using pictures. Dalia said she was Catholic, but she had never heard the story of Creation or the promise God had for his children of sending a Savior. When we asked how Dalia felt after Jessica finished her story, she said that her heart felt refreshed and renewed! Dalia cannot read, but her daughter Timotea could so we left more stories of the bible for them. This household has very little income and no patriarch to take care of them so the team brought bags of food, and even our bus driver Toni gave his sweet breads he had saved for his family to Dalia.

The next house we went to was Miguel’s aunt, Patrona. Patrona is a very elderly, but she has the sweetest heart I have ever met. Patrona lost her sight, but she was still thanking God for the blessings He had bestowed on her family. She was so alive and wanted to know about ALL of our lives! We all went around in a circle and gave a brief overview of our lives (school, jobs, husbands, kids, etc.). She was so excited that we had come all the way from the United States to visit her. David (missionary here) then transitioned into telling her why we all came, and that was to share the love of Christ. Most people here in Chanco believe that religion is key and not an actual relationship with the Lord. There are no works that can save us, and there is nothing we can do for God not to still love us. Patrona let us pray over her. All during this time Patrona’s daughter Adella was listening. When we had finished praying for Patrona, Adella had asked if we could pray for her as well!!!!! Such an amazing opportunity!!!! These wonderful women did not ask for salvation, but they both know they are in need of a Savior, so the seed has been planted!!!

The final house we went to was of a 97 year old man named Chuce. The team thought that we were going to come into this home and spread Christ’s love and blessing, but Chuce was a believer and he blessed us!!!! He told us stories of how Christ had protected and saved him! Also, he told us that the greatest thing we could ever do (and the only thing we should do) is share the love of Christ to everyone we see for the entire time we are on this earth! Needless to say, most of our mouths were opened in astonishment. Because he cannot move around as well, he is saddened that he cannot spread the Good News as far as he wishes, but he blessed us in our commission! As we started to leave his house, we all shook hands with Chuce and he told each and everyone of us “Dios le bendiga!” which means God bless you all the time!

After Chuce, it was time for our team to head back to Guatemala City to the Arkansas house. Before we left, we all prayed over our brother Miguel. I think that we as Americans are spoiled and do not even realize it. No matter where we are in the States, we can find a community of believers. Here in Chanco there are only a few, and only one has the desire on his heart to spread the Gospel…that one is Miguel. I am tearing up right now thinking about this wonderful man of the Lord, who walks every day around his village spreading the love of Christ alone! When I saw Miguel with his people I saw Jesus! His kindness, His love, His devotion, His passion all resides in Miguel. But he is alone. Miguel is in much need of prayer and encouragement! Please pray for his love of the Lord to strengthen even when being persecuted by his family and his friends, pray for boldness as he tries to start a bible study in the village, and please pray for a safe place to have a bible study. We as American Christians cannot begin to understand the pain and sacrifice it is to leave everything behind and follow God ALONE!!! With your prayers Miguel will have comfort in knowing that he is not alone in this fight for the Lord!. With your prayers his heart will be lightened and uplifted!

We thank you all so much for your prayers during this week! Even though we are all so excited to go home and back to you, we still have a burden on our hearts for the people of Chanco. We have gotten to know so many of the people here on a deep level, and it is hard to believe that we are leaving them behind tomorrow (most of us know though that it will only be a little while before we see them again). David told us tonight that God used this team in a non-subtle way this week. The Kingdom has been spread!. More people heard the Gospel, more people received the Gospel, and we have a new sister in Christ in Rosalina! There is a point to each of our lives, and that is to carry out God’s command! Matthew 28:19-20 says, “Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

We cannot wait to return to you and share all the blessings God has shared with us this week! Please be in prayer for safe travels, and we will be home tomorrow night!

In His Name,








2 thoughts on “Prayers for our family in Guatemala

  1. Amazing heartfelt stories. It brings a warm smile to read how much hope Christ brings though these mission tips to so many that need God”s Grace. Thank you for your personal sacrifice and dedication to spreading God’s message of love and grace to so many people that see you has his messengers.

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