We had a great flight this morning without loosing any luggage! We left Charleston around 6:30am (except Ben and Jenna who flew separate) and all arrived in Guatemala city around 10:30 Guatemalan time. We met David, Glynis and Pablo and then got in the van to head to Jocotan where our hotel is.

It was about a 5 hour drive, but it was so beautiful. There are mountains everywhere. Guatemala city was much more similar to America than I expected. There were McDonalds, KFCs and other stuff that i really didn’t expect to see, but as we drove closer to Jocotan it changed a lot. There were people everywhere on the streets selling fruits and veggies and tons of other stuff. People were just walking around or sitting on the sidewalks everywhere. The traffic is crazy too. People just swerving in and out passing each other while we are going up a mountain.

we finally got to the hotel around 5:00 and it is so cool. Definitely different than any hotel I’ve been to before, but I love it. The roof has some tables and chairs and is so fun to just hang out on, and the view of the mountains is amazing. And there is an avocado tree right next door!

We had dinner at the hotel where we are gona be eating breakfast and dinner pretty much every day and it was delicious.

After dinner we had a team meeting with David and everyone to just prepare for tomorrow and go through what the whole trip is going to look like.

We are all super exhausted and hopefully will sleep great and have lots of energy for the day tomorrow.


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  1. Hey Guys,
    Thanks for letting us know and I am so glad your trip was uneventful and you can begin your ministry without concerns about stuff. Pray today will be a blessing to you and to all you come in contact with.

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