En el Tercer Dia (On the Third Day)

Alto! (Stop) Before reading any further, open this link into a new tab and enjoy the music appropriate to the date!

21 of May – Nickel Creek: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fgj6jkMqY_Q 

Okay, blog entry for college team, go:

This morning we bid goodbye to our beloved leaders and struck out to Chanco “solo de College team” (plus our two translators). I think I speak for everyone, (but I certainly speak for myself) when I say that we were nervous about the gap left by our adult leaders. After we prayed for strength, wisdom and love, we felt more at peace, and as the day progressed and we saw more and more clearly the trajectory of our mission.

We spent the morning visiting houses and building relationships with the individuals there. Jenna did an excellent job relating to a man who herded cows. After we laughed with him for about an hour and shared our testimonies, we were invited back for Saturday to learn to make tortillas (more on this in a forthcoming issue).

When lunch time arrived we realized that we had all been assuming someone else would have it figured out. Fortunately we located a small store and managed to blow six dollars on over forty bags of chips. We brought many back with us, if you would like to have one mailed to you let us know in the comments and we will see what we can do.

After lunch we headed to the soccer field to play with the kids. It was incredible to see that a few of the kids we had met at the houses showed up because of our invite. We goofed around for a bit and then tried to get a game of kick ball started but since one of our translators was fond of blasting the ball across the field we transitioned into telling the story of creation and singing songs.

We are truly amazed at how God shows up in grace and strength! Please pray that we will continue to build relationships!



2 thoughts on “En el Tercer Dia (On the Third Day)

  1. Great post, Pudge! 🙂 I’m so excited for what Jesus is going to do through y’all!! I’m praying!!! Remember Eph 2:10… God has, in advance, prepared good works for y’all to walk in. 2 Cor 5! Praying for boldness as you serve as ministers of reconciliation!! Love y’all TONS.

  2. Let me get some of those chips!!!
    Seriously though, I am already enjoying reading about ya’lls adventures and how God is moving. Keep em’ coming! And somebody tell Miranda that we are so proud of her and her commitment to be there…but she should know that in our Senior Skit on Wednesday is was pretty bad. We had to roast her, even in her absence!

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