Please Pray Earnestly

Church Family We Are Putting YOU on Mission!


1. Please pray for our team! We have been having great team unity–please pray that it would continue. Pray that our spirits would remain positive and that we would persevere to the end of our time here. Pray against discouragement–it is very easy to lose heart when we are not seeing much fruit. Pray that our faith would increase as we learn to trust God more every single day. Pray that we would communicate clearly and be very intentional with our last 2 weeks.

2. Please pray for Ramiro. Our team visited with him for 2+ hours this morning. We shared the gospel very clearly with him, but he firmly believes in a works-based salvation. Pray that he would grasp the reality of God’s grace.

3. Please pray for Elsa, Adan, Marta, Anivel, & Abel. They are a precious family of believers, and we have spent much time with their youngest children. We are seeking to be an encouragement to them during our time here. On Sundays, they walk for 1 hour each direction to and from church. Pray that they would have a desire to see a church planted in Chanco–they are so important to this becoming a reality.

4. Julio and his family. We have built a great relationship with him. Pray that this relationship would provide fertile ground for him to fully grasp the gospel. We will meet with him tomorrow. Please pray that the team would clearly communicate God’s truth and that it would fall in fertile soil.

5. Flora. She is a precious woman, and during the short time we spent with her, we could tell that there is something different about her. Tomorrow, we will return to her home where we hope to learn more about her heart and share the gospel with her. Pray that she has a clear understanding of the truth, and pray that our team’s time with her would be really encouraging.

6. Manuel and his family. Our team was given the privilege of sharing a meal with this wonderful family. We’ve built a very solid friendship with them, and we hope to return to their home this week to share the gospel with them.

7. Nearar. This place has been a serious challenge for our team, but we are pressing on and would appreciate prayers for Nearar. There is so much spiritual darkness, but there is a small church there. Pray for Pastor Rafael and his family and for the believers that meet there regularly. Pray that the strongholds to the gospel would be broken down in a very big way. Our team would also really appreciate your prayers for our spirits as we work there.

We appreciate your prayers so much! Pray fervently for the salvation of the people of Chanco and Nearar. We so desperately want these people to know Christ!

Here are a few glimpses of our day today–jump rope and a greatly appreciated tarp 🙂Image



Hillary & Jenna

5 thoughts on “Please Pray Earnestly

  1. Praying for you all as well as those He has sent you to! Keep those spirits up… Jesus himself was rejected by so many. You are answering the call by going and telling… The rest is God’s work. I am so impressed by y’all, your sacrifice of time and comfort (especially during the summer!!), and your heart to spread the Good News.

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    1. We will continue to pray for you and especially for the unsaved. Let your lights so shine that they will see Jesus in you. God loves all.

  2. Do not be discouraged. Even if you do not see the end result in your time there seeds are being planted. Praying for you all and for God to shine through each of you. Keep the faith team!

  3. Guys you all are in my thoughts and prayers every day. I so much appreciated what you guys are doing. I have been where you stand many times. Keep up the good work. We love you and God see’s what you are doing. Be safe and know your church, family and friends are with you in prayor.

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  4. We are all praying for you, indeed, we preyed a special prayer for you last night in Mission Council. Take heart and don’t be discouraged. You are right where God wants you to be, doing just what He wants you to do. You plant the seed, even fertilize it a bit, and He takes it from there! What a joy to be so actively involved in His great work, and what a blessing you are to the wonderful people of Chanco and Nearar.

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