Wednesday’s Blog (Jordy and Tate’s creativity)

Today has been somewhat of a tough day for our group. Four of our team members have been sick from most likely some of the food they ate. We do praise God for all of them feeling better now. They stayed the course and persevered through their sickness in the village.

We had multiple conversations with people today about the Gospel ranging from ages 10 – 75. It was such a blessing for us to minister to kids on the soccer field and visit with 5-7 families across the village. Our team (Jordy, Tate, Anderson, and Courtney) visited Brother Romero for a little over an hour. We read the story of David and Goliath and talked with them about how Jesus is the greater David. What a great conversation we had. As a student minister, it was such a blessing to see Tate chime in with discussion and ask Gospel-centered questions.

Other groups had other neat conversations as well. We talked about them on the way back to hotel and when we arrived. We will continue to share some of these conversations with you on the blogs and when we return home. As we press on, please continue not only to pray for our team, but the whole group as well. Pray that we will fight against the sickness and the Great Physician will continue to heal us. Pray for our translators and bus drivers. As you have seen from other blogs, please continue to pray for rain.

To this end, let us all trust the Lord and tell others about His name. We pray that we will make the name of Jesus famous both in Chanco (the village) and in the greater Charleston area.

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