House To House

Greetings friends!  The experience in Guatemala this week reminds me of the first century disciples as they shared Christ and turned the world upside down.  Acts 5:42 says, “Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house, they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Messiah.”  That is what we have been doing! We have been going house to house sharing the good news of Christ!  The people have welcomed us into their homes and listened intently to the biblical stories.  God is moving in Chanco as we are bearing witness to Christ!

Miguel is a respected leader in the Chanco village.  He is one of our translators.  Jordy and I spent a couple hours today hearing Miguel’s story and we challenged him to use the influence God has given him to make disciples.  We encouraged him to go house to house sharing Christ and explained how to disciple people who come to Christ.

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Our team visited Flora and Maria.  Kristen shared the creation story with them and how Jesus came to redeem our lost world.  They asked insightful questions about Mary, the virgin, sibling challenges, and loving each other by providing medicine and money for people in need.  Anne, Kristen and I answered their questions from scripture.

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Story time and games with the children have been a huge blessing.  The children are so eager to hear the stories of Jesus.  Tate and Kristen show pictures from the Jesus Story Book Bible as Miguel reads the story.  Perhaps in the years to come it will be the children who grow up and establish a church in Chanco!

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The missionaries responsible for the work in Chanco are David and Regina White.  The have two precious boys.  David reminded us today that Chanco will be a long work depending on the power of the Spirit.  We are simply bearing witness to Christ trusting Him to bring the harvest.  We plant seeds and water the seeds, but God must make them grow.  Pray for them as they continue the work in Chanco!

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Anderson made a new “amiga” named Annebelle.  They played together all week and made a meaningful connection.  As a parting gift, Annebelle gave Anderson a gift.  This reminded me how quickly friendships can form when people spend time together.


Please pray for the work in Chanco as people continue to go house to house proclaiming the good news of Christ!  Acts 5:42 – Pastor Chad




One thought on “House To House

  1. Hi Team! I’m praying for your half-day in the village today! Praying the Lord continues to allow fruitful conversation and that eyes and ears would be opened!

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